Hardware and software assists Forensic Accountants and Computer Forensics to do their job.  It is important to remember that work procedures and case plan often dictate which software and technique you chose. You cannot by every bit of hardware available to cover every possible situation. Specialist vendors provide a service of education and awareness of the solution and after sales support and training.


They are a variety of software analysis tools used by Forensic Accountants. The most popular would be Excel or some other spreadsheet.  At the other end would be Computer Assisted Audit Technique software.


ACL Services Ltd. is the leading global provider of audit analytics and continuous monitoring software to the audit and controls  professions and the financial management community. Combining market-leading audit analytics  software and professional  services expertise, ACL solutions give organizations confidence  in the accuracy and  integrity of the transactions underlying increasingly complex business operations  and in the effectiveness  of internal controls.

Proven ACL technology enables  financial decision-makers to assure compliance, reduce risk, detect fraud,  and enhance profitability all with a return on investment measured in weeks, not months. With ACL, organizations can achieve enterprise-wide testing and monitoring of controls  through independent verification of transactional data, so they can trust  their results like never before.

Since 1987, audit professionals have consistently recognized ACL as the market leader in computer-assisted audit technology. Our international customer base includes 89 percent of the Fortune 500 companies   and over two-thirds of the Global 500, the Big Four public accounting firms, and   hundreds of national, state, and local governments. ACL software solutions are delivered in multiple languages in more than 150 countries to   over 14,700 organizations through a global   network of ACL offices and channel distribution partners.

IDEA – Caseware  These programs can read, display, analyze, manipulate, sample or extract from data files from almost any source – mainframe to PC, including reports printed to a file.

IDEA Distributor:
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Contacts: Pauline Laidlaw, Bill Shorrock
Phone: +61 2 9229 8250
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Computer Forensics involve the acquition of electronic evidence from hard drives or memory of computers, mobile phones, fax machine and other electronic devices. The analysis of the image and the examination of evidence at the lowest level and report making on the findings.

ARBUTUS – Analyzer and other tools

Arbutus Analyzer is a Windows-based data analysis and conversion tool that auditors, business analysts, and fraud investigators use to access and analyze server or mainframe data.
With Analyzer, data from different platforms or sources can appear in virtual columns in a single file, giving users real-time access to mainframe data from their Windows computers or web apps

Data Extractions from PDF

You can draw zones on the PDF and extract data to Excel, CSV and other formats. This product is easy to handle at a very low cost.  A-PDF company have many type of software and utilities but I found this product outstanding value.


Vendors Representatives

Fulcrum Management Since 2004, Fulcrum has operated solely in the Computer Forensics sector, and currently is the largest supplier of digital investigations products in Australia, New Zealand and AsiaPac. Through our Australian and Singapore offices, and our partners in Malaysia and Indonesia, we supply a broad range of software, hardware and training to law enforcement, government and corporate customers throughout the region.

Fulcum sells, renews and support and provide training to two of the major forensic software includes FTK and Encase.

Recently Fulcrum has moved into eDiscovery, network security and vulnerability scanning, and PCI DSS compliance.

Fulcrum’s core values are to represent our vendors honestly, and to provide exemplary service to our customer base
Nuix is able to directly process the output of all the major collection tools, including solutions which copy or retrieve data – and solutions which need to copy data and the surrounding environment in order to give an exact replication of the original environment.

Nuix processes all major forensic collection formats directly including:

EnCase E01 and L01 files
AccessData’s AD1 files
Linux dd
As well as processing other collection formats, the Nuix Collector Suite collects directly from a wide range of sources, including across networks and point collections. Unlike any other software, Nuix Collector Suite displays the exact look and feel of SharePoint sites, websites and much more.
Search and Culling
Nuix designed our indexing engine to enable quality, instantaneous and meaningful search. The list of search functions is very long and best experienced as part of a short product demonstration. Request a demo
We also have a number of whitepapers which are useful to understand how Nuix search enables Early Case Assessment. Nuix’s quality and interactive search is the reason why Nuix has become the toolset of choice for all the world’s major corporate regulatory bodies.

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